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Posted by: Michelle Mortimer, 7 Jan 2006 8:47AM
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Help Needed with assignment

I am currently working on Unit BT4 Improve and Maintain Facial Skin Condition.... however am stuck on 2 parts of this somewhat lengthy question.... The main question is For each of the following skin types, normal, dry, mature, oily, combination and sensitive, you need to research and put into your own words the following information.... appearance, (mention feel, pores, elasticity, colour, muscle tone etc) possible causes (aggravating factors) Products to be used (C,T,M and special treatments) Massage (how you would adapt it and medium used) Mask Suitable treatments to recommend Home care advice Am fine with the appearance, possible causes, products to be used, masks and home care advice.... but have hit a real memory block when it comes to facial massage and how to adapt to each skin type and mediums to use.... Also the other suitable treatments to recommend.... can anyone point me in the right direction? This assignment has to be in next week!
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