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Posted by: Frances Kelly, 30 Apr 2010 5:46PM
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A Units

Hi, I am looking for assistance regards to A Units, I have submitted my assignment which has been passed and I am now gathering evidence for my candidates the problem is they are VTCT students and because all of the assessments they do have a " LARGE" amount of references within the booklet which I understand is the Unit Spec!! can anyone who has experience in this please point me in the right direction. Thanks Frances


Mariette Lobo
30 Apr 2010 6:10PM

Hi Frances - I did my A units about 5 years ago and also had to use VTCT candidates. I see where you're coming from with those awful booklets but our assessor was able to be a little flexible with the way in which the evidence was submitted. I suspect 2 things have happened in the 5 years - the unit itself has changed (I might be wrong but I can't recall having to write an assignment??) and, as long as you have all the evidence and can back it up, it is up to your assessor as to how she assesses whether or not you meet the criteria. Don't know if this helps!
Frances Kelly
30 Apr 2010 7:27PM

Hi Mariette, I just knew you would reply back to me re: this!! the situation is that I am trying to look over all assessments my candidates are doing with me then trying to mark them under "elements, pc's etc" this is where I am finding it confusing as most assessments overlap to a degree. If you have the time and can help could I phone you or come see you and yes you are correct the A Units have changed slightly we have to research/investigate then write up an assignment, it is interesting though. Thanks Frances
Mariette Lobo
30 Apr 2010 8:01PM

yes - you're welcome to come over, Francis. i think that's best as it difficult to explain/communicate by email or over the phone. however, the best time for me is in june or, better still, during the holidays.
Frances Kelly
1 May 2010 10:42AM

Thanks Mariette, Unfortunately my work has to be in by the end of this month so maybe I can call or e.mail and even send an attachment to you, I know if I have it explained to me once for one of my students then I will be able to go ahead with the others. Frances
Mariette Lobo
1 May 2010 7:39PM

email is fine, francis. could you please email me on mfmlob@yahoo.com rather than through the forum? thanks.
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