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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 20 Sep 2010 3:38PM
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Best Professional Body

I was recently asked 'which is the biggest and most Professional Therapy body' by one of my colleagues whose daughter had been asked by FHT to encourage all her students to join them. Does everyone else give IAG and include reference to any of the other Professional Bodies other than the one they joined ?. It is worse now thatn it was 10 years ago. And even now, new Bodies seem to be coming to the fore with claims that they have been going years and years. Unfortunately, there are now so very many MORE organisations than there were which one do you suggest a student should consider ?. I guess it is a case of buyer beware !. If you do decide to suggest one to a student, remember to tell them that when they pay their money over, they shold be careful about what they expect to get for it. If it is new clients and more business - my advice is .... invest in the lottery. You have a better chance of increasing your income that way !. Can anyone say that they have any different advice than this to give their students?


Elizabeth Farrow
20 Sep 2010 4:31PM

Knowledge is power !!! I beleive it is ethical good practice to provide the full range of information regarding professional bodies and membership if acting in an unbiased neutral capacity or in the capacity of 'general advice giver as a representative of a college or paid consultant within an advisory role. When I lecture within further and higher education I would always inform students of the options available to them so that they can compare and contrast the market, making an informed decision for themeselves. In reality many colleges get incentives from other professional bodies to provide their literature to students therefore, students are not always informed about the full range of options. As a member of the C Th A and the local and regional co-ordinator I regard myself as an Ambassador for the organistion. I truly beleive the C Th A is the best organisation to belong to otherwise I would not have takent the decision to become a member. I want to contribute towards raising the profile of CAM and the work of the C Th A, which is why I have undertaken the role I have within the organisation. In this capacity I would actively promote membership to the C Th A to others as I have no loyalty or allegience to any other body. I accept this would be completely biased, however I would ensure my bias is acknowledged. Hope this helps Elizabeth Farrow BSc colorpurpletherapies.com
Gillian Kenyon
20 Sep 2010 6:33PM

Thanks for your honesty Liz. What do you tell the students they are actually going to get for their money ?.
Elizabeth Farrow
21 Sep 2010 7:20PM

Hello Gillian, Thats very easy; I tell them they will get; Increased recognition as a therapist A place on the Embody website Promotional opportunities 24 hour legal advice Members magazine Welcome pack An ethical code of good practice Inclusion on the Register open to the general public Counselling/supervisory support A local/regional group in their area to network with and find support and in Greater Manchester Mentorship opportunities Have their views listened to acknowledged and promoted 40% discount off their insurance 10% off books In addition to this I inform them that Kush Kumar is our high profile Chairman who takes the views of the members to industry and government to help shape the future of the C Th A and raise the standards within the CAM industry. I inform them about the training and development opportunities, which exist and would be happy to discuss their contribution to the industry also Hope that covers everything Best wishes and kind regards Elizabeth Farrow Bsc www.colorpurpletherapies.com
Gillian Kenyon
24 Sep 2010 12:57PM

Hi Elizabeth Great to see you have taken all the things on board that we are told by CThA that they offer as membership benefits. However, writing only from personal experience, in over a decade of membership I have seen ITEC/CThA/EMBODY change image, services, focus and have found the following to be true in my case: Increased recognition as a therapist **** none of my clients have ever heard of CThA OR EMBODY let alone most of the other less visible organisations 'representing' Therapists A place on the EMBODY website **** in 11 years of membership - this has not generated a single client referral - just lots of other therapists asking for price lists Promotional opportunities **** I have faithfully paid the extra fee requested to be a part of these every year - none have been worthwhile or paid for their extra cost in terms of profit generation. Indeed, there are so many of these promotions run FREE these days, I won't be bothering again. 24 hour legal advice **** never needed to use this so can not comment. Members magazine **** I don't find this particularly useful or informative these days - I would prefer that the considerable cost of this magazine was spent on supporting true research into the efficacy of Complementary Therapies. It would be so much more helpful to have up to date access to Medical Research Papers covering Complementary Therapies on-line for all to access and to which we could point our clients Welcome pack **** I have so many badges and, following the 'no jewellery' whilst treating clients rule, never wear them. The rest is simply promoting CThA and those training oragbnisations and suppliers who are paying fees to CThA for accreditation, advertising etc. CThA could put all this on-line and save a few trees and follow a sustainable environmental policy. An ethical code of good practice **** this is nnothing new, it is the same as all the other groups when it boils down to it Inclusion on the Register open to the general public **** what register is this - if you mean the EMBODY register - it has not generated any clients. If you mean voluntary regulators registers - you don't need to pay CThA membership fees to get at these. The cost differential is not worth it. The Voluntary Regulator Registers equally don't seem to generate any work according to my colleagues and fellow therapists with whom I meet. Counselling/supervisory support **** who by, what for - has anyone ever used this ? How does this help experienced therapists get more work ?. Don't inexperienced therapists think they have been sufficiently equipped when they qualify ?. Examples and comments would be good so we can give specific 'real' examples of those who have experienced it. A local/regional group in their area to network with and find support and in Greater Manchester Mentorship opportunities **** this is the best opportunity and way for therapists to help out each other and gain support from experienced therapists in their area. Can you be more explicite about the Greater Manchester Mentorship opportunities - does this generate paying work opportunities, who is doing the mentoring and where ?. Having lived in the area all this time, it is the first I have heard of it. Have their views listened to acknowledged and promoted **** not sure this is actually happening. I do know that all website blogs must follow guidelines or bloggers are telephoned and asked not to raise issues openly but to do so by private letter. Certainly, if the way Voluntary Regulation has gine is anything to behold, then it has not done what it was hoped to do. Too many groups, too muich cost, not generating any work opportunities nor enhancing relationships with the NHS or GP's. 40% discount off their insurance **** whilst true 11 years ago, even after the discount, the insurance is no cheaper than through other organisations and many of the insurance companies are offering greater cover for less or the same money these days. The income from Insurance is what helps to fund the work that CThA does for us therapists and so should not be seen as insubstantial. It is needed, along with the membership fees, to pay for the premises, web-sites and wages of CThA staff and to cover the out of pocket expenses and disbursements of our Chairman. 10% off books **** I get mine on Amazon or direct and so can source books cheaper elsewhere. In addition to this I inform them that Kush Kumar is our high profile Chairman who takes the views of the members to industry and government to help shape the future of the C Th A and raise the standards within the CAM industry **** personally, I think Edith Gaskell, John Beeney and John Dent all seemed to have a greater impact. Having said all this, I know Elizabeth that you and other Regional organisers like Angela work extremely hard and with very little support to run the local CThA groups. I know that you do not receive financial support from CThA and feel that if you were to be helped in this way, you may be able to have even greater influence and able to offer even greater opportunities for open discussion and mutual support between local Therapists groups.
Nicki Lee
22 Mar 2011 12:12PM

Some very good points raised above! But back to the students. One of the assignments I give is to research the options available from three different organisations. Sadly I don't have the time in class to do a worthwhile follow up, which would be to then have the group discuss this in more depth, but it does give a start and give students information on what they should be looking for and the questions they should be asking.
As a vocational trainer and lecturer I advise students to join CTHA as one of their professional memberships, not least because there is an online, up to date reference to their qualifications and insurance being verified as up to date. If working at multiple locations, and in the age of the photoshop copier - this can be more useful than copies of dubious looking paperwork hanging on walls - and can be checked prior to booking. And more cynically - comparing the different options for registration out there - CTHA may not be perfect - but it is far better than some I have experienced! Happy New Year Stuart
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