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Posted by: Nicki Lee, 19 May 2006 12:26PM
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ITEC Massage course structure

I have been teaching privately and in FE, both qualification courses and CPD. I'm about to embark on something a bit different, though, which is offering ITEC Holistic Massage through a private college. When I studied originally, it was the FE course one night a week for about 9 months. This is not appropriate for the private work, and I can see there are several ways of doing it, and am hoping for some feedback on the pros and cons of the structure. As a student or a trainer, what did you think of one weekend a month? If so, how long were the days, and how many? I'm thinking 6 hours a day and 9 weekends, theory in the morning and practical in the afternoons, but would welcome feedback. What about other ways? Possibly one weekday fortnightly? Or any other combination? I'm very interested in hearing how others have structured this (but am not looking at an accelerated course where it's all finished in a couple of months). Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts. (Please note this same message is on the general discussion forum.) Nicki


Godfrey Pool
19 May 2006 3:27PM

Dear Nikki , From experience as a student and as a lecturer, I think 1 weekend a month Saturday & Sunday from approx 10am - 5pm works best. Theory first then practical This was the format at the London School of Sports massage, and I always seem to stuggle with anything other than this. I teach ITEC Holistic and Sports massage 1 day a week from 09:30 to 2:30 (5 hrs) , and after a coffee and lunch break have been taken only really have 4 hrs teaching and seem to always be stuggling to get sufficeint theory and practical done each day. Hope this helps you, Regards, Godfrey Pool
Julie Munnings
19 May 2006 10:33PM

Dear Nicki, when I was a student 6 years ago I was on a modular course. This was every 8 weeks for a full weekend running 9 - 5 with an hour for lunch. This was in Reflexology but hopefully the feedback on the format may be of interest. We coverered the A&P broadly in the morning for a particular area and learned the corresponding anatomical area and move application in the afternoon. We covered the Reflexology theory, business practice and all the health and safety, nutrition side on the second day each month with further practical time. In depth A&P research based on the lesson given was carried out independently and then a module paper was submitted to the college and marked and returned before the next time of attendance in order that any problems could be raised in class. This type of learning worked for me as I had time to spend on the homework and study cases but several other students struggled to stay motivated and get the work done (including the amount of treatments carried out from day 1, particularly if they were in full time employment. We had 8 modules in all and then sat the exams so it didn't feel rushed and gave plenty of time to develop the strength and technique for the practical side of things. A particular strength of the course, I felt, was that every two modules, a short practical assessment was carried out by working on the tutor (we had about 4 tutors available to do this each session)and this gave us immediate feedback on pressure and handling. I sometimes felt that once we left the college environment we were "on our own", particulary as exams approached and would think more about how best to provide student support between classes were I ever involved in developing this type of course. I know time is a problem for us all, but a quick phone call or email to check any problems would have been really good. Sometimes students are pretty reticent about bothering the tutor even if they have a few queries (on the ohter hand there are bound to be a few that may try to bother you too much!!!). I wish you all the best with developing your course. Julie
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