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Posted by: Shainaz Alidina, 28 May 2016 9:19PM
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Massage medium for oncology patients

hi please can anyone adviseme on what medium to use on oncology patient that is on oxygen therapy, neubuliser or oxygen concertrator ? thanks shaz


Frances Kelly
29 May 2016 9:18AM

Good morning Shaz, depending on allergies, skin condition sunflower, safflower would be safe to use there is a lotion based medium available also.however the use of essential oils is not advisable. I would suggest you also discuss the therapy being used with the patients healthcare professional as I am assuming there is a care package in place for the patient! Frances
Shainaz Alidina
29 May 2016 9:33AM

Good morning Frances, Thank you so much for your reply. Have you tried any water based lotions that are good for massage? Or reflexology? Any literature anywhere that i can read up or access? kind regards shaz
Frances Kelly
29 May 2016 1:29PM

Hi Shaz, yes I have used the light white based lotion from Base Formula when working in palliative care also unscented Songbird wax is great for reflexology. There is another lotion base that I have used but will not find out until Tuesday who the supplier is. Again I would be discussing all aspects of the patients care with their health care professional. Frances
Shainaz Alidina
29 May 2016 1:40PM

Hi Frances thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. Please do let me know when you find out on tuesday. kind regards shaz Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.
Frances Kelly
29 May 2016 1:54PM

Thank you, you also.
Rosemary Pharo
3 Jun 2016 10:10AM

http://www.massagetherapy.com/articles/index.php/article_id/2056/Chemotherapy-and-Massage You might find some interesting information in this link
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