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Posted by: Deborah Sheppard, 2 Apr 2016 5:21PM
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OIl for infant massage


Heather Birch
2 Apr 2016 6:05PM

You could use Johnsons baby talcum powder of Johnsons baby Oil (esp. good and recommended for their delicate skin). Or try Tisserand oils - if you email them they will recommend an oil for you. Regards Heather Birch
Alison MacColl
3 Apr 2016 9:28PM

Hi, thanks for your post. I wasn't able to download the full research article and would question the ages of the babies selected for the study. Apologies if this was something I have missed. You already mention that you do not use a massage medium for babies 3 weeks old and given what you already do I wonder if the babies recruited for the study were of a similar age. I have worked with babies 6 weeks and older and have never had any adverse reactions whilst using sunflower oil. I've never been a fan of olive oil for massage. Would be interested to hear of your replies from IAIM and the Royal College of Midwives. Regards, Alison
Shakunthala (Shaku) Burrell
20 Apr 2017 11:30AM

In India we only use warm organic coconut oil for babies - most safe.
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