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Posted by: Josie Scholman, 17 Feb 2007 10:17AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Training & Continuing Education Certificate-Maynooth University Ireland

Dear reader(s), I wished I had discovered this website long before! My name is Josie, I live in the West of Ireland, County Clare and am a Holistic Therapy Practiitoners. Over the last 5 years I have been developing and teaching Massage courses for Absolute Beginners in a cycle of 4 days. Usually 4 Saturdays, one a month over a 4 month period. It is really to encourage participants to discover the healing power of their hands and to learn basic skills in touching (safely) and most of all some basic massage skills. They work on each other so it is learned through giving and receiving. At the end of the day they get a Hand-out of the sequence we have practised that day. I love it.Day 1 we 'cover' Hands & Lower Arms, Day 2: Feet & Lower legs, Day 3: Shoulders, Head - Scalp & Face, and Day 4 the Back. I have learned as I go along, depending on the type of space available, the number of participants. I have even decided to move to my own house at some stage as all the usual spaces were no longer available. This saved me a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with all the necessary 'ingredients'. I like the days to be relaxing, yet a learning experience as well, where they come from with the taste of a new skil and enlarged confidence about the use of their hands. Now I have decided to obtain a trainer's qualification. I am nearly finishing my Certificate Course of Maynooth University. I have to hand in an Assignment about some aspect of training in 2 weeks. My topic is the massage course I teach. Has any of you any experience with a non-accredited course like mine? Have you anyt suggestions out of your experience that may improve learning, structure, feedback, set-up? I am sending my request out there and hope to receive some helpful suggestions, Thanks a lot, Josie Scholman, email: lovinghands@eircom.net
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