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Posted by: Mariette Lobo, 4 Nov 2005 8:25AM
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VQ Assessor Units SOS No.2!

Further to my previous SOS's, it now transpires the people who very kindly offered to help/mentor me through the VQ Assessor Unit/development of the unit (Indian Head Massage) are not really involved with teaching/mapping it to VTCT requirements. So I am now looking for mentors who have developed and teach IHM to VTCT standards (Levels 2 & 3) at FE colleges. I am most grateful for all the other offers of help but for both the Assessor Unit and teaching IHM, I have to follow the strict guidelines laid down by the respective Awarding bodies and map whatever I do to fit in with them. In my case, it is VTCT. Anyone out there? Mariette


Lorraine Wright
4 Nov 2005 1:28PM

hi I am a fully trained verifer and assessor for city and guilds 7318 if you would like to send me a personnel message my email is aromatherapythewrightway@yahoo.co.uk I also teach indian head massage for a local college, if I can be of any help please contact me. thanks lorraine wright iihht
Laurence Ouillon-Palmer
4 Nov 2005 3:54PM

Hi Mariette I teach VTCT Level 3 IHM in FE. I am also an assessor for this course. How can I help? Laurence
Fiona Mazurka
4 Nov 2005 5:06PM

Hi Mariette, I can be of no help unfortunately but am wondering what these initials stand for - VTCT - and what training you are actually doing at the moment? Just curious as I have just completed my PGCE but didn't realise there was more specific training. Is this related to ITEC? Thanks and good luck, Fiona Mazurka
Mariette Lobo
4 Nov 2005 5:29PM

VTCT is an awarding body for beauty, holistic and other therapies that are competency rather than knowledge specific. They have a website (which you can access via Google) which is reasonably informative. Mariette
Rosemary Johnson
4 Nov 2005 6:20PM

It stands for "VOcational Training Charitable Trust". No, it isn't connected to ITEC. Rosemary
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